The Burgundy vineyard is a French vineyard located in Burgundy-Franche-Comté in the departments of Yonne, Côte-d'Or and Saône-et-Loire. It extends 250 km in length from the north of Chablis to the south of the Mâconnais.

The Burgundy vineyard includes 84 controlled designations of origin (AOC): six "regional" designations, 45 communal designations or "villages" (with 562 "first growth" designations on these "village" designations) and 33 "grand growth" designations.

Fruits of a long history, Burgundy and its wines are renowned throughout the world. With a highly fragmented vineyard and a rather heterogeneous quality of wines depending on the appellations, the "climates" according to the local term, but also the estates, the trading houses and the cooperative cellars, Burgundy is nonetheless confronted with the challenge of globalisation.

The surface area of vines represents 29,500 hectares, of which 25,000 hectares are AOC. The production of this wine-growing region amounts to 1,500,000 hectolitres of wine, for approximately 200,000,000 bottles sold.

Burgundy produces red wines, based on pinot noir and gamay grapes, and white wines, based on chardonnay and aligoté grapes. More white wines are produced than red wines, with 60.5% white wines, 31.5% red and rosé wines and 8% crémant.

The climates of the Burgundy vineyard have been on UNESCO's World Heritage List since 2015.


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