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The Médoc vineyard is a region of the Bordeaux vineyard. The vast Médoc vineyard is delimited from the Jalle de Blanquefort (north of the Bordeaux urban area) to the Pointe de Grave, and from the Gironde estuary to the Landes forest).

This homogeneous group produces exclusively red wines and includes a large number of prestigious classified growths and growths that are more affordable for consumers.

The Médoc vineyard corresponds to a regional appellation, the Médoc. In this zone, an area limited to the southern part produces a more restrictive AOC, the haut-médoc.

The hierarchy then includes six communal or local AOCs, here from south to north:

le margaux ;

le moulis-en-médoc ;

le listrac-médoc ;

le saint-julien ;

le pauillac ;

le saint-estèphe.


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