Besserat De Bellefon Bleu Brut Champagne

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Pinot Meunier Chardonnay Pinot Noir

Alcool :12.5 %


T° de service : 10°C 



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After the BB 1843, the high value-added Besserat de Bellefon cuvée marketed in 2018, here is the BB cuvée (a brut without year), called Bleu Brut. In the same spirit as its predecessor, this bottle also claims an art of living: "Choosing the elegance of life in the simplicity of its beauty is to be free according to BB". Moreover, Besserat de Bellefon offers its famous "Frenchytude" to accompany this champagne: "Mariniere and jeans rolled up, barefoot in the sand, improvised game of pétanque, salted and loose hair, the tide is turning, yesterday's friends the local fisherman, today's friend, 3 shrimps, 6 oysters and a portion of chips"...this is the brand's credo! Otherwise the champagne is blended with 35% chardonnay, 20% pinots noirs and 45% meuniers. It is dosed at 9gr/.

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